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Covid 19 Bolton Council Restrictions

Socialising with people who you do not live with, or who are not in your support bubble, is not permitted in either indoor venues or outdoor spaces. If you run a business or organise events, you should take steps to ensure people do not interact with people they do not live with – see below for clarification.

The legislation sets out regulations for gatherings both in private dwellings and other gatherings. The ‘other gatherings’ section of the legislation is relevant to various local providers and settings. For ‘other gatherings’ the main point is that no one should meet in a gathering of more than 30 people and a gathering should not take place unless it meets the following criteria:

The gathering has been organised by a charitable, benevolent, philanthropic, public, or political body AND

The organiser has undertaken risk assessments and taken necessary measures to limit transmission AND

The event is reasonably necessary and is for:

  • Work, voluntary, or charitable services
  • Education and training
  • Childcare by: person registered under Childcare Act or supervised childrens activities
  • Emergency assistance provision
  • To support people to avoid injury or illness, or escape a risk of harm
  • Fulfilling a legal obligation